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One of the most important factors in the good quality of printed products relates to pre-printing. The color sampling can be supposed as an insurance policy which protects the customers against weak and incorrect composition in color, blurred image, overview and an imagination from final work and the picture after print. Expense and time period spent for color sampling can be achieved by obtaining the best result in the printing stage. Parsan Horouf can simulate a sample of final work for you before bulk production.

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The main printing method nowadays used in printing industry for various orders from letterhead till packing, book, magazine, poster and newspaper industries, is offset print. Parsan Horouf Printing Complex possessing full facilities of offset print is able to print on paper and cardboard up to six colors simultaneously. Preliminary suitable use and also modern machineries can assist to produce your printing products in this complex with suitable quality.

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The pre-printing section of Parsan Horouf possessing three letter press machines, one BOBST machine, one gold blocking machine and three paper-hanging machines, can assist you in the completion of printing projects.

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